I usually book up about a year in advance but you never know. I have been known to book the occasional last minute weddings in the so called off season.

First you need to fill out the contact form here on my site. Once I get your info, I will send you a little questionnaire so I can find out more about you. Then we meet up for dinner/drinks/coffee or even a Skype session if you are far away. I'll show you some albums so you have proof that I can shoot an entire wedding. If you choose to have me be apart of your life, then I will build your package, send you a contract, you sign it along with a 50% deposit to hold the date and we are good to go.

I can travel on weekends with no problem at all. (Far away means anywhere outside a 300-mile radius.) My husband is a private chef and he is off on the weekends. This allows him to stay home with our two kids so that I can travel to exotic places during that time. Jobs that require extended travel can happen too ya know.

Nope. If it has a face, I photograph it. I photograph music people, dance, families, and even though it doesn't have a face, I shoot food too.

You bet. I always say insurance is like birth control. You never think you need it until its too late. I have lots of coverage and can provide your venue with documents to prove it.

Im Nikon all the way. I have a lot gear! Click here to read my blog post about whats in my camera bag. Yup, I have back up gear too.

I have been taking photos a long time. I started with film. I even know how to print in a dark room, b/w and color. I shoot all digital now. I have been shooting professionally for about 15 years. To me, professionally means you get paid to do what you do.

Before I get into answering all your questions I REALLY recommend
you read this blog post I wrote. Click here. It explains my philosophy when it comes to what I do and how invested I am with my couples and clients. I really believe that what I do requires collaboration between my subjects and myself. We are in this together.