This is when all cameras, phones, iPods and ipads are shut down and put away during your ceremony. Some of my couples choose to have their entire wedding unplugged. In todays plugged in world, I think its important to take a break from all things technology, especially on your wedding day. When people are at your wedding with their faces smashed up against their cameras and phones, they are missing everything. Not to mention they get into or ruin a lot of very important shots that I need to take including the bride walking down the isle, the recessional, the kiss, pretty much everything. Besides, I think it is very important for your guests to be completely present during your ceremony. So I request that technology is turned off, at least during your ceremony.


My basic coverage includes a 2nd shooter. If you want a 3rd shooter (which I recommend for over 275 guest) you can add that when you build your package. All my additional shooters are actual wedding photographers with their own businesses. They know their stuff and love to 2nd shoot. I also 2nd shoot from time to time so that I stay on top of my game!

I get this question from time to time. Listen, I shoot all types of weddings, formal and funky. Love is love! It's all about a state of mind. Its about a marriage, and not necessarily about a wedding. If you want to have fun, it doesn't matter if you are getting married in a warehouse or the four seasons, it's all about having a good time, period. My clients are teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, big wigs in finance burlesque dancers, musicians, artists, you name it, no two are a like and I love that about my job.

This is when the bride and groom see one another before the ceremony. This is a great way to have some very intimate alone time together, get your portraits out of the way and even do all the formals so that you can actually attend your cocktail hour. I love doing them but some of my clients still like things the old fashion way and wait until the actual ceremony to see each other. This is totally the couples call. You don't need to decide until a few days before your actual wedding so I'm good either way. It's your day!

Of course! I love them. I have a special elopement package complete with cool information (like restaurants, hotels and things to do) for the out of towner thats taking advantage of the marriage equality rights we have in Massachusetts.